Following on from last weeks blog this week we are going to discuss as how both being Muslim British women we DO NOT promote nor do we tolerate terrorism in the name of Islam and Most importantly we do not support ISIS.

Since last weeks blog there has been so much that has happened in terms of attacks that have been carried out in the name of Islam. Today we feel just as strong as we did before. “Islam teaches us to respect, mercy, peace and kindness, a faith we strongly believe in and one we want to protect from radicals and fanatics whose very existence threatens our religion”.

Muslims around the world have taken to Twitter and other social media sites to condemn the recent Paris attacks in which seven co-ordinated terrorist attacks took place in the French capital for which ISIS have take responsibility for. #youaintnomuslimbruv

On Saturday 5th December at 7pm 2 British men were stabbed by a Muslim in Leytonstone, London, who shouted “this is for Syria”as he was being led away by the police. As can be seen in the video below a man can be heard shouting back “you aint no Muslim bruv” and within hours the phrase was trending twitter. #youaintnomuslimbruv

From Leytonstone to Paris, such hashtags trending on Twitter give comfort to peace-loving Muslims, creating a global alliance of coexistence and solidarity.
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In the last few days Donald Trump in his campaign statement said, “total and complete shut down should remain until the US authorities can figure out Muslim attitudes to the US”. Overall 57% of Americans disagreed with Trump’s proposal as it was articulated by the pollster. Only a quarter viewed it favourably. Donald Trump comment

It is comments like these that aggravate hate against Muslims and Islam and since his comments celebrities such as Mohammed Ali and Will Smith have come forward to express their opinions.

“We as Muslims have to stand up to those who use Islam to advance their own personal agenda,” Ali said in the statement. “Mohammed Ali / Will Smith

But what is truly driving our fear of ISIS? If we are, as many supporters of intervention contend, a world power, what limits our immediate, and absolute destruction of this virulent force? Some believe we are not only justified in destroying ISIS; we’re also imminently capable. Yet somewhere in this belief, we’re also inherently threatened. How can both be true?

Along psychological lines, this could be called cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance frequently refers to the mental state when one holds two contradictory beliefs, or is confronted by a something that immediately contradicts a belief. Our hegemony (or political power), for much of the last a hundred years, has been predicated on the United State’s ability to sway world events in our favour. Many people have postulated it’s ISIS’s religiosity that makes it so frightening; fighting in the name of God, these people will do anything to ensure their success. There probably is a psychological principle we can apply to zealotry.

The Muslim Council Of Great Britain: “Violence Has No Place In Religion.” The Muslim Council of Great Britain condemned the Islamic State’s actions and expressed that they do not represent Sunni Muslims, according to The Independent. Shuja Shafi, a member of the council also said: “Violence has no place in religion, violence has no religion. It is prohibited for people to present themselves for destruction.” [The Independent, 7/11/14]

The message that we want to spread is that the very small percentage of extremist committing these murders do not represent the rest of the 1.6 billion Muslims who absolutely condemn killing and violence.This is the Muslims standing up in unity for what they believe in. And this is something we both strongly believe in. We should not be held accountable for the actions of those who carry out such atrocious acts in the name of Islam. We feel we are all being labelled under the same umbrella and to be quite honest we are sick of apologising and feeling like we need to justify being Muslims and believing in Islam.


We want this message to be viral and to reach all corners of the world. We stand united against terrorism.

We do not promote terrorism and any attacks that have been carried out they are #notinmyname and certainly #youaintnomuslimbruv. This is our message to everyone let’s promote peace and harmony between everyone regardless of colour or creed.

We hope our blog has given you some positive insight to the thoughts of Muslims in Britain and around the world. Can you imagine what it feels to be a Muslim in this day and age? We are open and welcoming you all to comment and like our blog.