Choosing to kick start a diet is as much about timing as it is about motivation. Starting a diet at the wrong time can affect your level of motivation or make it easier for you to get distracted from your ultimate goal.

What is it about the new year that gets people on a mad health kick. New years resolutions or new gym memberships to lose them extra pounds or stones a promise to yourself that you can do it. But why is it that you often find that the first few weeks are going well and by the time you get half way through January you start falling back into old eating habits.

So every day i go into uni i make a promise to myself “I shall not stuff my face all day long”. And what have i done by home time.. eaten a big hash brown butty followed by a hot chocolate an hour or so later probably had the chunkiest sweetest chocolate bar followed by another cup of hot chocolate. At lunch times doesn’t matter what i have to eat, i have to end with some sort of cream bun or muffin. It doesn’t end there the last break of the day will end with another chocolate bar. I just cant seem to stop eating. I’ve already been banned by the tutor to stop eating iced buns in class, but that doesn’t seem to stop me trying to eat a rolo out of my pencil case on the sly away from the tutors eyes.

I have now decided once and for all i will lose this excessive weight and reach my target. so no more chocolate and full fat hot chocolate and delicious hash brown butties. From the start of next week strict diet. Water and fruit diet and only healthy food consumption.

I shall be keeping a weekly blog diary and letting you know how i get on with my weight loss. I am thinking i will need to put some exercise into the new health regime. What kind of exercise is still yet to be looked into.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog please feel free to comment and if you have any tips or pointers please do share. After all sharing is caring.