Hi this is our blog and we are Sobia & Uzma, we are British Pakistani Muslim women who are  wanting to blog about something that is important to us.


The definition – Dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force (oxford dictionary).

“Offline and Online anti-Muslim hate crime experiences increase feelings of vulnerability, fear and insecurity between actual and potential victims”. (Dr Irene Zempi, Nottingham Trent University) .


A Racist attack on a Muslim pregnant woman who does not speak English who is Moroccan and has only been in London for 6 months was subjected to a racially abused attack whilst travelling on public transport.

“f****** ISIS b******”, “go back to your country where there bombing everyday”. These are just some of the words of vile abuse of an islamophobic rant by one woman against two other women on a bus in Brent, North London. The Jamaican woman shouts at Muslim passengers “talk your f****** language, keep laughing ha ha ha with your bombs hiding underneath your clothes. I don’t f****** like you people because you are rude… go back to your f****** country where there are bombings everyday and don’t come here where we are free” (Tran &Sherwood)

We are both British Muslim women who were born and brought up in the United Kingdom. One of us wears hijab for her own personal reasons whilst the other one doesn’t. As a hijab wearer I definatly feel that since the attacks in and around the world that have been linked to Syria and Islam I feel more threatened that I must be condoning these attroscities because I’m a Muslim and I wear a hijab. The one of us who does not wear the hijab doesn’t feel threatened in the same way and has never come across any incident which has made her feel vulnerable at all. So what is it about the hijab that is coming across to non muslims that we support ISIS or are even “terrorist sympathisers”?


Any form of behaviour directed towards the goal of harming or injuring another living being who is motivated to avoid such treatment  (Baron & Richardson, 1994)

We can see from the video that the jamaican woman showed traits of negative and hostility towards the victims, the victim was in a vulnerable position as she could not answer back as they did not speak the language. She later told an interperator that she was scared and anxious and with being heavily pregnant and having to stand throughout the ordeal she was upset as she could not understand what was being said (Dieseldorff). The abusers hostile aggression was motivated by her emotions to be hurtful towards the Muslim’s. She has shown instrumental aggression because her aggression was goal driven.


“…a fixed, over generalized belief about a particular group or class of people.” (Cardwell, 1996). 

By using the words “ISIS” she was stereotyping all Muslims as ISIS and most likely because of the fact that she was wearing a hijab.

This is just one of many incidents that have occurred within the last year. it is known by the Metropolitan police, who have been recording hate crime data since 2013, there has been a 70% increase in attacks on Muslims in the past year. Latest figures from on Islamaphobia hate crimes from the MET police indicate the in 2014 the figure rose from 5395 to 5723 in 2014/15 (Harding, HuffPost). A report carried out by Harris for the Huffpost found that discrimination against the Muslim community in Britain has become so bad that it is now creating an environment of hate (Harris, Huffpost)

This subject is something that is very important to both of us. Islamophobia does exist not only in Britan but around the world.  Its a subject that is discussed in media every day. As individuals we are all entitled to our own personal opinion and views. Being Muslim we do NOT support that Islam is ISIS and that all Muslim’s around the world should not be labelled under the ISIS umbrella. There is laws and legislation that are in place to deal with such acts as you can see she was charged with the offence.


No one should have to feel scared to travel in public or to to be out in public with non Muslims without having to fear from such racially attacked abuse. Just the same way no non-Muslims should feel that a Muslim will terrorise them in the name of Islam.

The question we ask is “can you imagine what it is like to be a Muslim women amongst non Muslims?” who can honestly say that they do not see Muslims any different to what they saw them before ISIS, before Al-Qaida and any group who is killing in the name of Islam.
Let’s wipe out islamophobia and work together to radicalise those who condemn such violent attacks.