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Has Posing, Pouting and Posting turned us all into Narcissists?


Being the start of the new year we thought we would take this opportunity to have a phone clean up and delete all the unwanted files and downloads that are just taking up valuable phone space. Or should we say valuable selfie phone space.

We both think we may have gone a little selfie crazy over the past year. We have lost count of the number of pictures we have taken in the same pose, in a slightly different angle with a slight difference in pout with and without the help of our beloved selfie stick . So what is it about selfies that has got the young the old, the celebrities and the guy next door hooked, regardless of colour and creed.

According to Walker (2013) to date over 31 million selfies have been taken and posted on Instragram with the tag #selfie. The question is why have become so obsessed about selfies and posting…

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To lose weight or to NOT lose weight..


Choosing to kick start a diet is as much about timing as it is about motivation. Starting a diet at the wrong time can affect your level of motivation or make it easier for you to get distracted from your ultimate goal.

What is it about the new year that gets people on a mad health kick. New years resolutions or new gym memberships to lose them extra pounds or stones a promise to yourself that you can do it. But why is it that you often find that the first few weeks are going well and by the time you get half way through January you start falling back into old eating habits.

So every day i go into uni i make a promise to myself “I shall not stuff my face all day long”. And what have i done by home time.. eaten a big hash brown butty followed by a hot chocolate an hour or so later probably had the chunkiest sweetest chocolate bar followed by another cup of hot chocolate. At lunch times doesn’t matter what i have to eat, i have to end with some sort of cream bun or muffin. It doesn’t end there the last break of the day will end with another chocolate bar. I just cant seem to stop eating. I’ve already been banned by the tutor to stop eating iced buns in class, but that doesn’t seem to stop me trying to eat a rolo out of my pencil case on the sly Continue reading “To lose weight or to NOT lose weight..”

Set Out Running: Academic Bodies, After Labour

This is a very interesting read

Rachel E. Moss

gandme“Slow down,” my mother said, watching me gobble down my lunch. “You don’t have to hurry.” But in these handful of weeks – eight tomorrow since my daughter entered the world – I’ve learned to do most things at a run. My daughter Grace is very rarely at rest; right now she’s napping, but that never lasts for long, and even in her sleep she thrashes, purses her lips, stretches her small fat arms above her head. So although my dad had Grace on his knee, letting me for once have the use of both hands to eat, I swallowed down the meal as if poised once again for flight.

What turned out to be only a week before I gave birth, I wrote a blog post on the transitional time of late pregnancy. I wrote then, in reference to medieval texts of pregnant or recently postpartum women set…

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facebook addiction

Am I a Facebook addict? 10 signs of Facebook addiction

“Having lunch with bae at best restaurant in town”, “Watching the new Star Wars…”, “Going on road trip with family”.

How many times do we read such posts on Facebook time and time again. And what is it about reading about the lives of others that is making us addicted to Facebook.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up.. How many of you turn the alarm off and sign into Facebook? Are you addicted to this behavior?

How addicted are we to Facebook is the question?

Social experience’s  are filled within Facebook, we believe we need interaction, ask yourself why are we compelled to check Facebook?  if we look back at the olden days parents socialized outside in gardens or having tea and cake whilst children played outside, now we are replacing this with social sites such as Facebook. What does this suggest to you? What does this tell you? Has Facebook taken over our life’s? Has it changed social interaction?

Social psychologists deal with the factors that lead us to behave in a given way in the presence of others, and look at the conditions under which certain behavior/actions and feelings occur. Are we looking for acceptance from others to feel and be part of a virtual group to feel belonged and to boost out self-esteem. Self esteem can be linked to Facebook addiction through the lines and comments we receive on our posts and pages, for someone with low self esteem the positive and the more likes and comments they receive is making them wanted and part of an in-group.

A recent study found that giving up Facebook could be more difficult then giving smoking and alcohol up. The study found that there was more people who felt the need to stay on top of online social networks.

A recent study linked “Facebook users with more friends have bigger sections of brains,” An association was found between having more Facebook contacts, a higher number of real world social contacts and the amount of grey matter in areas of the brain associated with social perception and memory. When we get positive feedback on Facebook, the feeling lights up this part of our brain. The greater the intensity of our Facebook use, the greater the reward.

People may feel socially obligated to like or comment on certain types of social milestones or achievements. If someone posts that they just got engaged or received a promotion, friends may feel the need to like the post, as an acknowledgment. Your friends are more likely to feel obligated to say “Your new baby is so cute” than to say “that’s an interesting news story you posted about the presidential race”.

Facebook itself pushes certain types of posts to the top of people’s news feeds, so such posts will get even more likes. Also the intellectual posts may attract less attention because they can’t be absorbed quickly – I can easily appreciate the adorable photo of my friend’s cat and click “like” as I scroll down my newsfeed, but I don’t have time to click on and read the potentially fascinating post,

We personally feel we have to be checking Facebook on a daily basis maybe every few hours or not. I suppose this could be down to how were feeling on the day, where we are, who we are with and basically what is happening with others around the world. whether that be family and friends or total strangers to celebrities.

In 2012 research carried out in Norway published a psychological scale to measure Facebook addiction. Facebook addiction is quite possible. As with any type of technology, the compulsive use of social networks can affect our offline social life and have serious social, physical and psychological consequences. Some of the top signs of Facebook addiction includes,

1. Initial feelings of satisfaction or pleasure after a Facebook login session.

2. Staying logged into a Facebook session longer than planned

3. Giving up important social or occupational activities in order to spend time on Facebook.

4. Continued use of Facebook despite negative consequences related to Facebook use, including physical symptoms of fatigue, marital or social problems, and/or problems at work.

Going forward now we have Facebook as part of our lives what would life be like without it? How many of us would crave for what we had by being part of this Virtual Groups.

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The Holidays Have Started..

So the school holidays have started and I guess you could say this is when parents get into mother/father mode.

Oh how much I hate the dreaded school run in the morning or should I say the fact that I have to even drag my girls out of bed is a total nightmare.  You would think they would be used to it by now wake up and get ready for school. But oh no there has to be tears and tantrums every morning.

So one would think the start of the Christmas holidays could only mean no school run which means lie ins … WRONG..

For some unknown reason my girls will be wide awake at 8am in the holidays with a list of things to do as long as my arm.

Question is how do you keep 3 young girls entertained in the holidays? I can’t send them to play on the trampoline because of the on of rain and windy weather. As much as they would love to visit Trafford center once a week or the odd trip to Preston shopping to be honest the weather is a little of putting.

I’m thinking for these holidays what indoor activities could I do with them to keep them stimulated and busy enough so there not tearing each others hairs out. They would love to be sat  in front of the television for hours on end watching back to back movies but I’m thinking they need to be doing something different.

The question what is that something different?

What are you doing to keep your children entertained and happy over the holidays?

Would love to hear your comments and advice …


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